SMS Blast

RM 60.00

Unlike emails that can be easily ignored, a short SMS is always noticed. With our low-price services, including web SMS, easy-to-integrate API, and email-to-SMS products, our powerful gateway can help you get on top of your competition by ensuring all your customers see your notifications, and at lightning speed.

One-way SMS

  • Blasting SMS for marketing, get response from customer and do follow up.

Two-way SMS

  • Send interactive SMS for mobile campaigns, surveys and polls

SMS Reporting Tool

  • Details SMS Status report available for fine-tune the marketing campaigns and targeted customers for maximum result.

High Delivery Speed

  • Approximately 10,000 SMS per minute delivery speed to mobile users. And we have tested sending of 200,000 mobile recipients with only 1 click without any problem.

System Integration

  • Integrate your system to our SMS server via HTTP API or SMPP. You can use any programming language for the integration. Incoming SMS & Delivery Report provided.

Powerful Messaging System

  • Powerful messaging system, support the following messaging types: Normal text, (Mandarin,Cantonese,Japanese,Arabic,Tamil,Thai etc.) Concatenated messaging (Long SMS into 1).

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