What Is Encrypted Messaging?message.png

Encrypted text messages could appear like a needless security measure. However, instant electronic messaging has become a typical method for team members to communicate with one another, with partners and even with customers. Most times employees are underestimated the risks, consumer-grade apps to share sensitive data and client info. The challenge is that you'll must equip them with an enterprise electronic messaging app with encrypted text messages to secure classified info.

Encryption is the method of coding information to stop anyone apart from its actual recipient from viewing it. we tend to make sure that your information will be kept safe whether or not a hacker were to intercept the message. The concept behind standard message encryption is that it encodes your messages to which will make it seem like an unintelligible mess to anyone who sees it. Unlocking the message needs the utilization of an encryption “key,”.

  • Safe and reliable for employees to communicate on company-owned or BYOD devices
  • The ability to share photos, files and other sensitive attachments instantly as well as securely
  • Greater management control over communications
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