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An IVR is a call center software functions to greet customers and assists them in self-sorting by presenting them with options of how to route themselves to the right extension. Callers interact with the system via spoken responses and/or keypad entries. IVRs respond to caller input by directing callers towards the appropriate extension, whether that be a live representative, a voicemail system or a recorded message. 

Route Calls to Right Resources

A tool that can route calls to individual agents or queues based on pre-established feature such as the time of day that a caller dials a business.  Routing can help ensure that calls are always routed to an available agent rather than being lost or sent to voicemail. Finally, call routing gives businesses the ability to ensure that customers speak to a live agent 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Multiple Extensions

No need to memorize several different phone numbers for different workers or departments, simply know the extension number. Phone extensions offer customers options as to which department or employee they may want to reach, allowing clients and partners to keep in touch without placing multiple calls or being put on hold. Phone extensions give the impression that your business is bigger and will surely impress clients-- a great perk for one-to-four man shows!  

Calls Recorded.pngRecord Your Calls

Call recording stands for saving telephonic conversations for future reference. A tool called voice recording is used for recording calls. The device could record many hours of phone calls. High end devices could also make convenient files of recorded calls.

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